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Graphic Facilitation and Recording

See Portfolio below

As a Graphic Facilitator I use imagery and wall charts as a structure for sessions designed to guide and encourage participants to see links between various ideas. Working with the client in advance to understand their learning needs and objectives I sometimes prepare a wall chart in advance, template key training points, or sketch out the structure for a wall chart - completing the drawing during the session while facilitating the learning and discussions. I have also used various aspects of graphic facilitation as part of my teaching and training. Large-scale can be used instead of PowerPoint slides (such as this agenda for a team retreat)

As a Graphic Recorder I generally work with others who facilitate the event while I visually capture the essential elements of the participant experience, key note speech, learning points, discussions, etc. listening deeply to capture the imagery that is reflective and evocative of the event.

Each of these practices has a place in making the most of meetings. They also provide a lasting reminder of the event.

So... how does it work?

I generally work on 4x8' or 3x6' sheets of paper. Clients keep the wall charts after the event and photos are taken in situ or arrangements can be made for the charts to be scanned. In some cases the charts created during an event form the basis for a rough copy. I can then work with clients afterwards to come up with a cleaner or final version, on either on large or smaller scale, based on what most appropriately meets the client's needs. The e-learning network chart (see link below), was done large scale during the event; I facilitated an Appreciative Inquiry inspired visioning exercise while capturing their discussion (graphic facilitation) and then a clean version was created after.

Why was I attracted to graphic facilitation and recording?

In the Fall of 2009 I attended a conference where a Graphic Recorder captured images on a large chart during the keynote presentations and a World Café that we participated in. I found the evolving charts to be quite poignant and was moved by the power of the visualizations to literally draw connections between ideas. I knew then that I wanted to learn more about the technique. This led me, in 2010, to The Grove Consultants International in San Francisco where I spent four days learning, practising and being coached to include the incorporation of graphic facilitation into my organizational development practice. Working in a visual way keeps me energized and inspires me. It has become my passion.

My graphic facilitation story wall chart illustrates a little of my personal story. I drew this while sharing my experiences at The Grove with my colleagues after I returned home.

Strategic Planning

I can help guide your group through a strategic update, or with a whole new plan staring from the ground up. My experience is that a graphic facilitation approach (using an Appreciative Inquiry type of structure along with recording simultaneously recording) is an effective way of encouraging participants to see where they are, and where they want to be going. I am happy to talk about graphically facilitating for your group, or working with another facilitator, recording while they guide the group through the process.

under constructionLink to prezi from museums. Strategic update done with museums.

Meeting Facilitation

Ever been at an unproductive meeting? I have a great deal of experience structuring meetings in order to make them both efficient and effective. I can work with you to clearly identify objectives, prioritize and structure a meeting in order to realize these objectives. I also teach facilitating effective meetings.

Management Training and Development

With over a decade of experience, I understand the challenges of managing staff in both unionized and non-unionized environments. As a DDI certified facilitator / instructor I can use the DDI tools of Interaction Management program to help anyone who manages people clearly understand their role, learn how to have those sometimes difficult conversations, and coach their staff to improve, be successful, and to resolve their own conflicts effectively. Specific courses as part of the Interaction Management Certificate for People Leaders are: Essentials of Leadership, Coaching for Improvement, Managing Performance Problems, Resolving Conflict, and Coaching for Success. While these are the modules I teach most often, I am able to facilitate any of the DDI suite of courses.

Soft Skills Training

With over a decade of experience facilitating staff training, I work with clients to customize the course information for the specific needs of their staff teams and organizations. Below are examples of the courses I teach for groups of 5 to 500.

Team Building Activities and Retreat Facilitation

Designed to meet your specific needs. I can structure a full, half day or evening retreat designed to encourage your team to build, maintain or improve effectiveness in working together. Each event is specific and unique to the needs of the team. I work with clients to understand their needs and learning objectives (needs analysis) and design and develop the event to meet those needs.

Stephanie Burgetz has been training and facilitating group learning events for over 12 years.

Graphic Facilitation

Portfolio Overview

More Portfolio

2012 October

Graphic Facilitation Training with Grove

Link to the enhancing team dynamics graph.

“I spent a wonderful week in San Francisco learning more about Graphic Facilitation at The Grove Consultants International and then drew this graph in a presentation to my colleagues.”

2012 October

Management team facilitation

Link to the enhancing team dynamics graph.

“I spent an hour and a half with this Senior Management Team facilitating a team “check‐in”. Using a model of Highly Effective Teams I created a background of the chart before the session, and then captured their discussions highlighting their team strengths, and areas to focus on in order to strengthen their team functioning.”

2012 September

Team Working Together Guidelines

link to the Working Together Guidelines graph.

Working Together Guidelines
“I co-facilitated this discussion for team that needed to refocus on how they were working together and agree on explicit guidelines. They have this posted in their office for all to see.”

2012 September

Leadership Academy Kick-off

link to Graph from View from the Top Day 1.

History of The Ottawa Hospital merger until 2012.

2012 September

Leadership Academy Kick-off Day 2

Link to Graph from View from the Top Day 2.

… looking to the future of health care …

2012 April

idea Conference

Link to graph for idea conference topic on appreciative inquiry.

“I am a member of idea (inter‐disciplinary educator's association) for educators working in health care. In April 2012 we put together a one‐day conference entitled, “How to keep fired up without burning out.” Joanne Daykin and Tim Fleming from Innovation Works generously donated their time to lead us through an hour called “Using Appreciative Inquiry to Engage the Learner.” I volunteered my time and captured all of the large group sessions (3) that day.”

2012 April

idea Conference

link to graph on idea conference topic on Employee Engagement.

“During the second presentation at the idea conference Carol Sinclair from VON shared with us their journey regarding staff engagement.”

2012 April

idea Conference

link to graph for idea conference topic designing engaging elearning.

“This was challenging to capture since it was a fairly technical conference on how to engage learners in e-learning. Rebecca J Hogue was generous with her time walking us through how to make online learning scenario based. ”

2012 March

eLearning Visioning

Link to graph from e-learning network discussion.

“The e-learning network asked me to help them with a structured strategic plan-type discussion. I used an Appreciative Inquiry approach to help them focus on who they are, and what they aspire to be. During the discussion I captured their discoveries on a 4x8' chart ‐ with this basic construct. I then created this more polished version in a smaller format, which was also easier to scan and size.”

2011 September

Team Building Workshop

Link to graph from a team building workshop. Personality styles working together.

2011 September

World Café

Link to graph from the world cafe meeting in September 2011.

“Lots of discussion was generated. Many ideas were captured. Everyone signed this at the end.”
The signatures have been blurred to preserve privacy of the attendants.

2011 June

Team Building Retreat

Link to a graph from a team building retreat.

“This team decided to spend the beginning part of their team building retreat day at Camp Fortune by either Zip-lining or taking a walk in the woods. When they gathered together we asked them to reflect on their experiences, what they learned about each other and how they could translate that in their working relationships back on the job. I created part of this chart (the trees, etc.) as they were beginning to gather, and completed it by capturing their half hour discussion. Notice the dark light bulb near the title… we facilitated the first half of the day (including this portion) without hydro which had been knocked out in a thunderstorm the night before. Thank goodness for large windows!”

2011 May

TED Talk

Link to a graph from a TED talk on vulnerability.

“I sketched this TED Talk by Brene Brown both as a way of developing my skills and as a way to remember. I was attracted to the topic. I shared it with a colleague who shared it with another ‐ a psychologist ‐ who is now using it as a therapeutic tool with some of her clients.”