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Stephanie Burgetz has been training and facilitating group learning events for over 12 years.

In her current role as a Learning & Development Specialist Stephanie has been designing, developing and delivering soft skills training at The Ottawa Hospital since 2007. Stephanie enjoys the diversity of learning needs and delivery her role at The Ottawa Hospital requires; from small to large group facilitation, strategic planning, and individual management coaching interactions. Stephanie particularly enjoys facilitating workshops as part of The Ottawa Hospital's Management Foundations and Leadership Academy programs as she is able to draw on her past experiences managing, coaching and mentoring staff.

Inspired by images associated with World Café learning events, Stephanie developed a keen interest in exploring graphic recording and facilitation to capture discussions thereby allowing participants to see connections, forge deeper understanding and creating stronger memories of learning events. This led her to The Grove Consultants in 2010 where four days immersed in learning the principles of graphic facilitation solidified her desire to incorporate working in a visual way into her training, facilitation, and consulting. This new‐found approach has captured both her imagination and passion ‐ and the fascination of those who watch it happen!

As a (mostly) silent partner in her husband's consulting business, Equesense Consulting, Stephanie is now stepping out as a consultant in her own right, offering meeting planning, workshop design, development and delivery, and in particular her skills as a graphic facilitator and recorder.

Prior to 2007 Stephanie spent 14 years in management in the social services sector. During that time her role included the design, development and delivery of a variety of staff training workshops in addition to coaching and mentoring both her staff and peers. This practical experience enriches her no-nonsense approach to training and coaching management staff.

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree from the University of Windsor, major in Drama in Education (1992) and a Masters in Education degree from the University of Ottawa (2004) where her studies focused on adult learning within the context of the organization. Stephanie is a certified facilitator in Interaction Management from DDI (2007) and has been a certified instructor for CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Prevention and Intervention program since 2000.